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GO FTP is a file transfer program with the ability to transfer files very fast to or from any FTP server available on the Internet. Go FTP contains many functions that make transferring files easier and faster, including:
*Multi-threaded transfers up to 314% faster than other FTP clients*Upload/Download buffers overstuffed with 2 times the speed of other FTP clients*Instant Directories listing with the creation of any directory on the server*Site Manager with folders, compress, encrypt, and password protect FTP sessions*Keep Alive functionality for testing connection to FTP server*SSH2, SOCKS4/5, and HTTP1.1 Proxy support for security and speed*SSL support for encrypted connections*Download/Upload Queue*Automatic save of file dates when uploading and downloading to/from the FTP server*Custom Commands and Functions*File Comression*Resume uploads/downloads*On the fly auto detection of file sizes during file transfers*Firewall support*Drag & Drop Support*Quick FTP transfer to FTP servers with high transfer rates*Site Manager with folders*Multi-language support*Troubleshooting and Support*Resume list support*Save file dates and sizes to resume later*Meter program to count FTP session usage*Timeout support
This copy of GO FTP software is fully functional and ready to run.
Download and install with no restrictions to trial or full-scale use.
The first trial download is free. The next download is only $39.99 after which you can use this product for as long as you like, indefinitely.
Please read the full End User License Agreement, which is included with this software. It is generally written in legally binding terms.
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TRANSFORMER Software is Copyright 2005-2014 Joseph DePaul. All rights reserved.
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1. General
1.1 Description
The application is designed to be used by anyone who needs to generate or analyze Boolean equations. It consists of two main tools: the input and output windows. In the input window, you can write equations in any logical form. The output window contains a well-organized list of output information with the ability to choose what kind of information you want to know. Simple Solver can generate four design tools to analyze Boolean equations. They are: Boolean Minimizer, Logic Designer (Draw or Auto), Logic Simulator, Permutation Generator. Additionally, it has an output generator, which will convert Boolean expressions to a specific format.
1.2 General notes
Some simple structures of the application’s toolbar are as follows:
Input / Output: the main windows of the application.
Edit / Create / Help: these buttons are used to create, edit and open the help file.
Tools: Tool buttons are used to perform various functions in the application.
Scrolling / Language: These buttons are used to change the logical equation format and the language used in the input window.
Full Screen / Zoom / Batch mode: These buttons are used to switch to a full screen mode, zoom in, and launch the batch mode.
1.3 Application versions
Version 1.0.0
1.1 BETA
Version 1.1.0
1.2 Production
Version 1.2.0
1.3 Feedback
Simple Solver is a program that provides a user-friendly environment for creating and verifying Boolean equations. It primarily concerns students who deal with computer science, along with other users who work in this domain.
The interface of the application is based on a standard window with a well-organized layout. The concept is fairly simple: all you have to do is write equations in the input window and press a button to view output data.
Simple Solver supplies users with fours design utilities to solving equations – Boolean, Synthesis, Permutation and Random Number. Thus, you can select between Boolean Minimizer, Logic Designer (Draw or Auto), Logic Simulator, Permutation Generator and Random Generator modes.
For example, regarding the output options of Boolean Minimizer, you may select which information type you want to know, such as comment lines, input Boolean equations or truth tables, the complete truth table, the minimized version of the input equation or truth table, minterms, a minimized truth table in PLA (Programmable Logic Array),

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