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The keymacro feature allows you to easily record and play back keyboard sequences. PowerTerm can execute a macro recorded in a keyboard sequence when a certain condition is met.
PowerTerm InterConnect includes a Keymacro Editor, which allows you to record the keyboard sequence you wish to execute. It can also be used to edit your macro file.
KEYMACRO supports the following key sequences:
Ctrl+C -> Copy text (KeyCommand)-Ctrl+D -> Paste text (KeyCommand)-F1 -> Help (KeyCommand)-F2 -> Refresh (KeyCommand)-F3 -> Sync (KeyCommand)-F4 -> Save (KeyCommand)-F5 -> Restore (KeyCommand)-F6 -> Recompile (KeyCommand)-F7 -> Take screenshots (KeyCommand)-F8 -> Record macro (KeyCommand)-F9 -> Stop record macro (KeyCommand)-F10 -> Show/Hide toolbar (KeyCommand)-F11 -> Exit (KeyCommand)-F12 -> Undo (KeyCommand)-F13 -> Redo (KeyCommand)-F14 -> Prev line (KeyCommand)-F15 -> Next line (KeyCommand)-F16 -> Bold (KeyCommand)-F17 -> Italic (KeyCommand)-F18 -> Underline (KeyCommand)-F19 -> Strike-out (KeyCommand)-F20 -> Indent (KeyCommand)-F21 -> Left align (KeyCommand)-F22 -> Center align (KeyCommand)-F23 -> Right align (KeyCommand)-F24 -> Center justify (KeyCommand)-F25 -> Right justify (KeyCommand)-F26 -> Left justify (KeyCommand)-F27 -> Justify (KeyCommand)-F28 -> Paragraph (KeyCommand)-F29 -> Word wrap (KeyCommand)-F30 -> Line wrap (KeyCommand)-F31 -> Erase (KeyCommand)-F32 -> Select all (KeyCommand)-F33 -> Select (KeyCommand)-F34 -> Delete (KeyCommand)-F35 -> Next book (KeyCommand)-F36 -> Previous book (KeyCommand)-F37 -> Save (KeyCommand)-F38 -> Undo (KeyCommand)-F39 -> Redo (KeyCommand)-F40 -> Stop highlight (KeyCommand)-F41 -> Stop word (KeyCommand)-F42 -> Indent (KeyCommand)-F43 -> Shift to end of line (KeyCommand)-F44 -> Shift to beginning of line (KeyCommand)-F45 -> Select all (KeyCommand)-F46 -> Select ( 384a16bd22

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KEYMACRO – an advanced, handy, professional digital audio editor software for wave-processing users. KeyMacro is a professional audio editing tool to edit and record audio and MIDI on Windows systems. KeyMacro is compatible with Windows operating systems, and it has a high compatibility with most of audio and MIDI files.
KeyMacro has a user-friendly interface, and the steps to operate the software are easily and quickly. With KeyMacro, you can perform various operations on audio, such as cutting and pasting, truncating, reversing, adding, adjusting sound volume, setting volume parameters, deleting samples, and renaming files. KeyMacro supports Wave format audio (WAV, AIFF, Wma) and MIDI.
KEYMACRO provides more than 30 audio editing functions and editing options. Besides, it supports multi-track editing, which lets you record audio and MIDI at the same time. KeyMacro can open many files and save them, and the program also supports multitrack recording and editing and supports adding more audio or MIDI files while the other is recording.
KEYMACRO supports advanced DAW plugins. For example, you can use Compressor, eq, reverb, compressor, effector, and many other plugins such as HipHopProcessor, Synthesizer, Sub and Parametric EQ. You can also adjust any parameter of the audio or MIDI using the program’s slider and drop-down menu.
KeyMacro also supports any instrument or audio editor and has the ability to record audio from any audio or MIDI device, such as standard guitar, drum, piano, or vocals, and others, and the audio signals can be outputted via the audio jack. In addition, you can also input audio from files or a microphone.
Main Features:
* Easy to use and highly efficient
* Supports high-quality audio editing for mixing or mastering, recording and audio/MIDI editing
* Supports various formats, including WAV, AIFF, WMA
* Import and export all supported audio/MIDI formats
* Supports MMC, DVD-RW, and CD-RW discs. The DVD can be played by DVD player or read from the CD-RW and CD-ROM drives
* Supports audio recording from many different audio sources, such as MIDI devices, audio CDs, and audio jacks, as well as audio recording from other audio formats
* Supports multi-track audio recording and editing
* Works with most standard audio devices
* Supports wave

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